NEW!  July 18, 2018
Bishop Adams Upbeat about Reconciliation Initiative after Meetings in Conway, Bluffton, & Charleston
'Three Conversations' to help heal broken Diocese were well-attended and productive, in spite of pharisees' efforts to undermine him

NEW!  July 15, 2018

Bishop Adams Invites Returning Congregations to Restore Their Ministries within the Church

Post & Courier publishes his invitation to Reconciliation

July 11, 2018
Church Attorneys Demand Full Accounting, Audits of Lawrence Organization & Parishes
Worst kept secret of the Lawrence schism was that its leaders were attempting to hide assets from the courts in the event secession effort failed
; Judge sets July 26 for status conference in the case

July 2, 2018
Setting the Record Straight:  SC Episcopalians Responds to Lawrencian Spin Doctors
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions leave even Lawrence fans confounded

June 28, 2018

Episcopal Bishop Invites One-time Breakaway Congregations to Information & Listening Sessions

With the end of their lawsuit, Bishop Skip Adams hopes to hear from communicants who may want to stay with the Church and in their buildings

June 24, 2018
Part I:  Three Breakaway Wardens Reject U.S. and State Supreme Court Decisions

Three Charleston parishes have lost half their members, but still say they'll continue fighting the Courts and the Church.  Wardens at St. Michael's, St. Phillip's, & St. Luke & St. Paul blow off  S.C. and U.S. Supreme Courts: "We have a far different perspective." 

Part II:  Lawrence, Wardens Slam Chief Justice

Chief Justice Beatty actually secured the emancipation of seven breakaway parishes in last August's decision.  Now leaders of three former breakaway parishes say he lied.

June 19, 2018

Despite Unprecedented Deficit, High Flying Lawrence and Guests are Jerusalem-bound
Out of control spending suggests Lawrence knows the party's over; Breakaways won't say who's paying for last hurrah with GAFCON

June 19, 2018
Lawrence Team Struggles with Unreality as  Church Presses Forward for Implementation of  2017 Ruling

In spite of rejections from the South Carolina and United States Supreme Courts, Lawrence still "confident that the law and the facts of this case favor our congregations."

June 12, 2018

Adams Offers Message of Welcome & Reconciliation to Returning Parishes

Episcopal bishop envisions robust Christian witness in every parish

Implementation:  Beyond the Recent Unpleasantness

Diocesan Chancellor says focus now shifts back to Dorchester County for implementation of Court ruling

June 11, 2018

Part I:  Supreme Court Rejects Appeal
Without comment, Justices leave South Carolina's pro-Church Supreme Court ruling intact;  From near death in 2009, Church's Dennis Canon is now the law in South Carolina

Part II:  Angry Lawrence Promises to Fight Implementation of the Court Ruling 
Stung by back-to-back losses, ex-Bishop Mark Lawrence rejects the August 2017 ruling of the state's Supreme Court and plans to fight its implementation in the Dorchester County court.

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Texas Appeals Court Finds in Favor of Episcopal Church and its Diocese in Fort Worth
If it is possible that another schism in another diocese could be more bitter and more of a mess than ours, it would be in the Diocese of Fort Worth

Read Dr. Ron Caldwell's comments on the decision

Today loyal Episcopalians got long awaited good news as an appeals court in Fort Worth reversed a lower court ruling favoring the breakaway cousins of our former bishop, Mark Lawrence, making it clear that they own their own Diocese and its property.

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