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Current Legal Issues


Lawyers for both sides of the Federal false advertising case against former Bishop Mark Lawrence are likely to wrap up months of pretrial mediation today without any agreement on the key issues.  

This means the case could go to trial before U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel in Charleston perhaps as early as this spring.

While attorneys on both sides appear to have honored the confidential nature of the three court-ordered mediation sessions, those representing Lawrence have the most to lose at trial but do not seem to be using the opportunity to settle key issues and avoid a trial that will almost certainly be a disaster for them.

The focus the mediation has been a Federal lawsuit brought by the legitimate Episcopal Bishop of South Carolina, the Right Rev. Skip Adams, who is seeking an injunction against Lawrence for continuing to claim that he is an "Episcopal bishop" in South Carolina.   However, the issues raised could go to the ownership of the corporate entity known as the "Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina."

With great fanfare in December 2012, Lawrence announced that he was no longer in the Episcopal Church, but several days later he appeared to have second thoughts about not being a bishop in the Church.

Legal issues are reported by South Carolina Episcopalians in the context of current news stories.
However, a summary of recent legal activity associated with the attempt by former Bishop Mark Lawrence and his supporters to leave the Episcopal Church with Diocesan assets and parish property can be found at the website of the continuing Diocese, known as the Episcopal Church in South Carolina.

 SC Episcopalians has no formal or official relationship with the continuing Diocese

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