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Bishop Curry Comments on Royal Giggles during is 'Sermon Heard Round the World'

Fans of American Bishop Michael Curry were not amused at the giggling that broke out among members of the Royal Family when he stepped up to the pulpit to deliver his epic 13-minute address at St. George's Chapel last weekend. 

There was plenty of pressure already on the 65-year-old Presiding Bishop as he warmed up to the one billion-plus global congregation, but having the normally-stoic Royals seeming to laugh at you had to be a distraction akin to hecklers at the Sermon on the Mount.

However, asked about the rudeness of the Windsor crowd, the ever gracious Curry gave them cover:

“Oh there were some funny moments. OK, I would have laughed, too. A sermon should have some tears, some joy.

“Emotions should be expanded. Laugh at me, laugh with me, it is all fine by me. Any way I can steer the message about the Love of God, I am glad to do that.

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