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September 4, 2018
Judge Dickson Schedules Late October Hearing on Pending Motions in Implementation of Court Decision
In 2015, his colleague rendered one of the most reckless and costly decisions ever handed down in the state's First Judicial District, so perhaps Circuit Judge Edgar Dickson should not be cussed out too much for being painfully slow in implementing the state Supreme Court's 13-month-old decision in Lawrence's ultimately unsuccessful lawsuit.

The Court notified attorneys in the case that he will be ready to hear their arguments on five pending motions sometime during the weeks of October 22 and October 29.  These have been covered in previous postings available on the Home Page.

While the implementation process has been ridiculously slow, SC Episcopalians considers Judge Dickson a cautions but fair judge (so far).   He also has a full schedule of regular cases, so his taking time not to repeat the complete disaster visited upon the parties in the 2015 trial of the breakaways' lawsuit by his colleague Judge Diane Goodstein might be a good sign.